Charitable Giving in Response

to the US Border Crises

The Family Reunification Immigrant Relief Collaboration


The Eos Foundation is partnering with the Latina Circle to raise contributions in Massachusetts to go directly to front-line non-profit organizations in response to the border crisis separating children from their families and imprisoning refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Eos is matching every dollar raised up to $25,000 and invites other funders and individuals to join us to show that Massachusetts is unified in standing with refugees seeking political asylum and family reunification. 


Families are in need of expert legal representation, food, shelter, emotional supports and so much more. The funds raised will go directly from each donor to organizations that are the first responders to this crisis; organizations that can get immediate relief directly to immigrant children and their families especially by aiding in reunification efforts. We are supporting the following organizations:

Make A Donation


Hispanics in Philanthropy & CAMMINA


We invite other foundations and individuals to join us in contributing to alleviate the crisis, whether through the above identified organizations or others.  Please join us in supporting this cause.