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The AmplifyLatinx PowerUp Latinx Biz, a first of its kind collaborative, innovative movement focused on activating Massachusetts’ untapped economic potential by increasing growth and economic opportunity for Latinx-owned businesses in Massachusetts. PowerUp’s mission is to create visibility for Latinx-owned businesses, meaningfully connect them to existing resources, and recognize them as an influential consumer market that must be engaged by our entire business community.

We look forward to advancing the PowerUp movement to unleash Massachusetts’ untapped economic potential.

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Identify &

Identify and map growth oriented Latinx owned businesses in Massachusetts


Build Relationships

Facilitate connections among Latinx entrepreneurs through curated networking opportunities and an online digital platform

Access Existing Resources

Foster relationship building and access to existing business resources, such as capital, education, mentors, accelerators, and growth opportunities


Advance a policy agenda focused on driving economic opportunity and growth for Latinx businesses


For Businesses
Become part of a leading network of Latinx companies in the Commonwealth
Connect with other Latinx businesses owners
Gain visibility for your business and access critical resources for growth
Submit Your Business
For Partners
Become part of a community of curated resources for Latinx business owners
Connect to Latinx founders to participate in your programs and access your resources
Increase your program diversity goals
Become a Partner
For Sponsors
Achieve broad program impact through an economic opportunity focus
Support a collaborate initiative that fosters connectivity to existing organizations and their resources
Recognition as a founding sponsor of this Latinx social impact initiative
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  • In Boston, Latinx-owned businesses average less than $100,000 in annual sales, compared to $644,000 in annual sales for all privately-owned firms
  • Latinx business often operate in silos and lack connections to capital, management expertise, business networks, human capital, and partners necessary for growth
  • Existing resources and programs for entrepreneurs are not inclusive or adept at connecting to the growing Latinx demographic



We invite Latinx businesses, resource partners and sponsors to join us. You’ll be inspired by successful Latinx entrepreneurs and business leaders innovating in key industries driving our economy, learn how the broader MA business community can play a role in advancing Latinx  business growth, and why doing so matters to our shared future.