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PowerUp 3.0 Summit

Economic Engines of Our Future: Fueling Our Growth Through Coalitions, Creativity, and Cultural Intelligence

Thursday, November 12, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


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Help us amplify the launch of this event on social media to encourage Latinx entrepreneurs and business leaders, along with the broader MA business community to attend. Below is sample messaging you can use. 


Join our friends at Amplify Latinx on Thursday, November 12th from 10-12 for the PowerUp 3.0 Latinx Business Summit where we will celebrate the growth of the PowerUp Latinx Biz initiative and the diversity and contributions of our Latinx business community. 

The U.S Latinx market generates $2.6 Trillion in GDP per year, which would make U.S. Latinos the 8th largest economy in the world if we were a country! As the fastest growing business segment and talent base, Latinos are vital to the post-COVID economic recovery.

Join Latinx entrepreneurs, investors, advocates, policy-makers, and coalition partners to learn how the entire MA business community can play a role in advancing Latinx business growth and innovation to power our economy. We will highlight ways to fuel our growth through coalitions, creativity, and cultural Intelligence. We are thrilled to have Lili Gil Valletta, CEO of CulturIntel as this year’s keynote. 




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We’re partnering with @AmplifyLatinx for the #PowerUpSummit 3.0 focused on increasing growth and economic opportunity for Latinx-owned businesses in MA. Join us on Nov 12, 10am – 12pm for a morning of inspiration and recognition of the Latinx businesses that drive our economy. Register:

Latinx-owned businesses in the U.S. create nearly $3m jobs, and drive a GDP of $2.6 trillion. Be a part of the movement to increase growth for Latinx-owned businesses in MA. Join us on 11/12 for the #PowerUpSummit 3.0. Register:

In the last decade, Latinxs launched 4.2 million new businesses. Become a part of a movement to collectively scale up Latinx businesses and foster economic opportunity for all. Join us on 11/12 for the #PowerUpSummit. Register:

Latinx entrepreneurs are starting businesses faster than any other group but still face significant growth barriers and COVID impacts. Help us as we build a community of growth opportunities and access for Latinx-owned businesses, starting with a day dedicated to celebrating the Latinx hustle spirit. Join us on 11/12 for the #PowerUpSummit. Register:

Over the past 10 years, the number of Latino business owners grew 34%, compared to 1% for all business owners in the United States. Learn more, be a part of the movement to increase growth and economic opportunity for Latinx-owned businesses in MA. Meet us on Nov 12 for the #PowerUpSummit. Register:

Latina founders represent 18% of all women-owned businesses  in the US according to @Amex. They are also vital to the economic recovery. Join the #PowerUpSummit on Nov 12 to learn how we can all increase growth for Latinx businesses. Register:



Our #PowerUpSummit will kick off on 11/12 at 10am with cultural intelligence® expert, @liligil, CEO of @cienplus & @culturintel. In the next decade, the majority of the U.S. population will be people of color. Learn how cultural intelligence can help you respond to changing consumer needs. Register at:

Denise Isaac

We’re honored to have @NBC10Boston’s @DeniseNBCBoston, bilingual meteorologist born and raised in Panama as our Emcee for the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12. Learn how Latinx businesses are key to economic growth, innovation, and prosperity in MA. Register at #PowerUpLatinxBiz

Mark Madrid

We’re thrilled to be joined by Mark Madrid, CEO of @LBANstrong, one of largest scaling programs for Latino-owned businesses in the US. Mark is a staunch champion of Latino entrepreneurship and dedicated to driving growth and prosperity of the Latinx business community! Register at

Inara Tareque

Welcome to Inara Tareque, Research Analyst at @StanfordLatino who will present on the State of Latino Entrepreneurship at this year’s #PowerUpSummit! Latino businesses experienced exponential growth pre-COVID but are now at high risk. Learn how Latino businesses are faring now and what we can do to support them. Register at

Ana Valdez

DYK the U.S Latinx market generates $2.6 Trillion in GDP per year.  This would make U.S. Latinos the 8th largest economy in the world! Join @LDCLatino’s Executive President, Ana Valdez for a special presentation on the 2020 Latino GDP report at the #PowerUpSummit on Nov 12! You’ll see why Latinos are the new mainstream economy, the fastest growing cohort and the most profitable of the country. Register at

FB for PowerUp 3.0 Innovation Panel

The COVID pandemic and economic crisis has pushed Latino entrepreneurs to pivot and leverage new technologies to do businesses. Join Eli Velasquez of the Investors of Color Network, @lilsg31 of @KaporCenter,  @carolynrodz of @helloallice and @eshadah of @ExpertCoop at the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12 for a conversation on how to unleash Latino creativity and innovation, and how the funders can help fuel this untapped Latino talent to restart the economy. Register at

Breakout Panel 2

The COVID crisis has brought together dozens of partners in coalition to support small businesses of color with emergency funding, advocacy and technical assistance. Join us on 11/12 at the #PowerUpSummit for an insightful conversation with #AlexNova of @LawrencePartner, #CoreanReynolds of @bostonfdn, @revrenddoctor of @BECMA and @glynntlloyd of @fbequity to learn best practices in ecosystem-building as a way to fuel an inclusive and equitable business economy. Register at


Elias Torres

Welcome back to Elias Torres, Founder and CTO at @Drift, the world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform. Elias is also a community activist focused on supporting Latinx entrepreneurs across the US. Join him at the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12 to hear his story. Register at:


Listen to a local Entrepreneur Success Story at #PowerUpSummit on 11/12. Hear from Andreina Viera, founder and CEO of The Vieras. She’s grown her start-up to provide administrative, HR and marketing services to support other small businesses! Register at


Learn how Karla Morales, founder of Your Home Detox, a green cleaning company that has navigated the COVID pandemic and used a crisis to respond to a market opportunity. Hear Karla’s story at the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12. You’ll see why she was recognized as one our 2020 Latinx Amplifiers. Register at

L Bueno

Meet Libis Bueno, CEO, CTO and Founder of Domitek, an IT solutions company in Worcester that helps small and medium businesses implement technologies to support their strategic goals. Libis is a role model who has dedicated himself to the development of the local Latino community. Hear Libis’ story at the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12. Register at


Meet Bessie King, General Manager of Villa Mexico Cafe, a classic Mexican eatery in the heart of downtown Boston. Bessie has been an activist for local independent restaurants, helping them to secure emergency capital and resources through the advocacy of Massachusetts Restaurants United (MRU). Hear Bessie’s story at the #PowerUpSummit on 11/12. Register at