Building Latinx economic and political power by significantly increasing Latinx civic
engagement, economic opportunity and leadership representation across sectors.

What We Do


Join us in advocating for issues and causes that impact the Latino community.


Meet other Latinx leaders and partners through our events and social media groups.


Get access to leadership opportunities for executive roles, boards and commissions.


We leverage the collective power of our partner organizations to promote civic engagement 


We create visibility for Latinx-owned businesses to increase growth and economic opportunity


We promote and champion our members for leadership opportunities and recognition

How Do You Amplify?

We’ve had powerful and inspiring Latinx speakers at our events. Watch the videos below or click through to our Amplifier Videos gallery to view all of the videos. 

Our Partners

Our Partners

We are especially grateful to our collaborating partners who have joined us around our shared mission. We look forward to working collaboratively and building deeper relationships with your institutions. Together, we can inspire Latinos to attain their full civic and leadership potential for the prosperity of our communities and our region.


AMPLIFY LATINX is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.

Thank you for supporting Latinx civic engagement and leadership advancement.