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Join us for our second virtual Cafecitos: A Conversation with Natalie Garcia on Staying Grounded During Moments of Crisis

Finding stability and strength to prepare for your comeback.

Join Women’s Lifestyle Coach, Natalie Garcia, in this 45 minute webinar where we will discuss how to let go of what you cannot change, how to believe that your choices will make a difference, and how to tap into your strengths and conserve your energy.

Prior to this webinar we will have participants take an assessment to determine what their strengths are. To find out which ones really are your signature strengths check out the assessment on the University of Pennsylvania positive psychology Website, It is free but you will have to register on the website. The assessment will take you about forty minutes, but you’ll be quite delighted to see your results.

Those results will be discussed during our webinar on how to utilize them during moments of crisis and how we can magnify them to support us and help us feel grounded.