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HubSpot HQ – Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech

HubSpot HQ 2 Canal Park Cambridge, MA 02141


Join HubSpot on Friday, November 8 for the fourth annual “Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech,” a day-long event for first-gens in the Greater Boston Area interested in learning more about what it really means to work in tech. Boston is one of the top tech cities in the country, and the tech industry is one of the fastest growing in the US. There are so many job opportunities in tech just waiting to be filled. After attending our event, you’ll know what technical and non-technical roles exist, how to apply for them, and gain tips for landing your first job in tech.

Per HubSpot:

Who is considered “first-generation”? For this event, we consider first-gens to be any person: who was not born in the US OR whose parents were not born in the US OR who is the first in their family to attend college OR who is the first in their family to enter the corporate world.

Why should you attend? Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the context, community, and real life examples of other first-gen people doing great things in tech. We will create an opportunity for you to: Meet first-generation leaders thriving in Boston’s tech scene. Hear from first-gen HubSpot employees from different departments about their experiences starting their careers. Leave with actionable tips and takeaways to help kickstart your career regardless of which career path you choose.