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How Culture Change in Technology can Advance & Promote Women of Color

Drift 222 Berkeley St 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111

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A Roadmap to Culture Change in the Technology Workforce that Advances and Promotes Women of Color

Brought to you by Forefront and LeaderSpring Center and Sponsored by Drift

According to the Center for Talent Innovation, only 11% of Black women have sponsors in the workplace and 75% of Hispanic women want “safe harbors”—places where employees can discuss challenges and/or opportunities. White men are 41% more likely to be executives than white women, 260% more likely than Asian women, 418% more than Black women, and 438% more than LatinX women (Ascend).

Amplify Latinx is collaborating with Forefront and LeaderSpring Centeron this timely research on women of color in the technology sector.

This project seeks to create viable pathways to increase participation and retention of women of color (WoC) in the technology sector. The project centers on the development of a roadmap to define and set forth priorities and actionable steps that tech companies can take to advance women of color in the tech sector. The goal is that partner organizations will commit to implementing the roadmap and using the scorecard for evaluating the outcomes of their diversity and inclusion strategy and/or initiatives.

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Forefront is a premier training provider helping Fortune 1000 firms and emerging tech companies adapt to the future of work and its emerging ultra-diverse workforce. Forefront helps employers accelerate culture change and develop 21st century talent that is equipped to meet future workforce demands.

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LeaderSpring Center (LSC) is an equity-driven social impact intermediary with a mission to foster a powerful equity-driven social sector through strengthening leaders and organizations, developing communities of leaders and by transforming the systems in which they work. LSC has built a proven 20-year track record in delivering a high quality, place-based leadership cohort program that strengthens primarily leaders of color and the community-based organizations they lead. LeaderSpring is best known for advancing excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Drift will be hosting the Boston focus group which would bring together 8-10 WoC interested or already working in the technology sector. We are looking for a local company to host this focus group, provide a conference room, as well as food and drinks as this would take place during dinner time.

Representatives from Forefront and Amplify Latinx will facilitate this focus group.