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Get Out and Vote on November 5th!

Boston, MA

Amplify Your Voice!

Vote on MA Municipal Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

   We are at a critical point in time where we can show the power of our collective voices by making bold leadership choices at the ballot box. No matter what issues or candidates reflect your values, you must make sure your voice is heard by exercising your power to vote. Today, we reflect on what inspired us to launch Amplify Latinx, a non-partisan, collaborative movement that’s building Latinx economic and political power.

Amplify Latinx was born from a forum hosted by the Latina Circle and Latino Victory Project in November 2016 on the “State of Latino Political Power.” This forum with Texas State Representative César J. Blanco, MA Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, Chelsea City Councilor Judith García and Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, CEO of IBA and co-founder of Greater Boston Latino Network (GBLN), began a conversation about how Latinos can become a powerful voice in the electoral process and what the barriers are to getting our communities engaged civically.

As a result, we hosted the first-ever Nuestra Voz Conference in 2017 at the Edward Kennedy Institute for the US Senate where over 250 Latinx leaders and 75+ Latinx-led and Latinx serving organizations, social justice and power building groups came together collaboratively to begin building a Latinx Power Coalition in Massachusetts. Latinos attending the conference made us believe that they are no longer the “sleeping giant” or an “invisible minority,” but rather, a force that is building momentum and can no longer be ignored.

Today, the Amplify Latinx network stands strong with over 2,800 members and 135 community and business partners. Our power in numbers was reflected last week at our first-ever Latinx Heritage Night in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts where over 3,500 people attended to celebrate Latinx arts, culture and heritage.

While the Latinx community voted in record numbers in 2016, they are still underrepresented in the political process. The Latinx vote will continue playing an important role in U.S. elections, which includes the shaping of Massachusetts’ political landscape in the upcoming 2019 municipal elections on November 5th. Latinx leaders are running for office in record numbers across the country. In Massachusetts, we are seeing the leaders of the next generation who are vying to represent the under-represented.

Voting is the most fundamental right an individual has in a democracy. Our suffragettes and civil rights leaders fought and some died so that we could have the right to vote. The best way to honor them is to exercise your rights. Every one of you can make a difference by voting in every municipal, state and national election. You can show that Latinxs in Massachusetts want change and will be heard. No matter who you are, your vote today helps to create diversity in our electorate. More importantly, you can make a difference in electing leaders who will fight for more equitable policies for underrepresented communities.

Here is what you can do on November 5th.

Confirm your polling location and the candidates running in your district, then VOTE. If you already voted, help your neighbor, a friend or family member get to the polls. Give a ride, cover for your co-worker or let your employees out a little earlier so they can vote. Together, we can make a difference in this election. Amplify Your Voice!

Adelante Siempre,
The Amplify Latinx

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