Cafecitos Virtual Series: Too Much and Not Enough



Commissioned by the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, “Too Much and Not Enough: Family Stresses and Child Care Preferences in Boston During COVID-19,” examines the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on working families with child care needs. The study’s three conclusions:

  1. Boston’s families are balancing competing fears (COVID-19, job loss, and lack of positive growth and development for their children);
  2. Flexibility in the workplace is not enough to alleviate increased stress at home;
  3. Child care options available to families do not yet reflect their preferences.

These findings clearly demonstrate how families have reached their ‘breaking points’—they are stressed, exhausted, and scared. At the same time, the findings point to very clear and concrete actions that the City of Boston and its partners can continue—as well as adopt—to better support Boston’s families in the near- and long-terms.